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Learn Chemical Engineering Tutorials

Wide range of chemical engineering theories are exist and applying them in different applications are defined as chemical engineering . Reaction engineering, Air properties, unit operations.....and more theories for chemical engineering undergraduate students.

Learn Industrial Chemistry

The chemical industry that produce industrial chemicals which are essential to the world. It converts raw materials into different products. Few examples are petroleum refining, manufacturing sulfuric acid and Cement manufacturing. Due to use toxic or hazardous chemicals in industries, different kinds of environmental pollution are occurred.

Learn organic Chemistry

Study of carbon contained compound is defined as organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is categorized to hydrocarbons, halogen contained carbon compounds, nitrogen contained carbon compounds and oxygen contained carbon compounds. Reactions, preparing organic compounds, characteristics of organic compounds are basic things to learn.

Learn Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry includes a lot of calculations on different sections. We cover Thermodynamics, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, solubility product, phase equilibrium and all of physical chemistry lessons. So many problems are discussed to get good results for physical chemistry in your High School or Advanced level.

Organic Conversions

Try to do our all organic conversion problems and check the answers to check your knowledge. These questions will help you to get remembered all reactions, compounds and all organic reagents.

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis is used to identify anions, cations, gases. We follow some steps to identify related compound. We observe colours of solutions, precipitating occasions, eliminating gases to verify these anions or cations or gases.


Organic Chemistry Questions, Problems, Answers

Test your knowledge and skills of organic chemistry with this. Try to write answer for the all problems. Then check your answers and understand the mistakes what you have done. Sure! It will hep you lot.

Inorganic Chemistry for High School

In inorganic chemistry, we learn about chemistry of s, p, d blocks elements. We have to study number of reactions, compounds and their properties. In our tutorial series, we discuss all about inorganic chemistry lessons for high school / advanced level students.