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Chemistry Tutorials for Grade 11, 12 | Advanced level|High School

Advanced level chemistry contain main five sections as general, inorganic, organic, physical and industrial. These chemistry sections include theoretical and laboratory lessons to study. These tutorial series will help students who are in grade 11, 12 and 13 for some countries.

General Chemistry

General chemistry teaches the fundamental basics of chemistry at initial period of the subject. You will learn periodic table, and it's characteristics, bonds and structures of compounds and more.

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Organic Chemistry

Study of carbon and hydrogen contained compound is defined as organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is categorized to hydrocarbons, halogen contained carbon compounds, nitrogen contained carbon compounds and oxygen contained carbon compounds. Reactions, preparing organic compounds, characteristics of organic compounds are basic things to learn. you should have a very deep knowledge of every lesson when you answer an organic chemistry question.

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Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry for advanced level includes, study of s, p, d blocks, and qualitative analysis, . You have to remember a lot of chemical equations and colours of compounds in this section.

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Industrial Chemistry

In industrial chemistry, we discuss about manufacturing of different chemical compounds like NaOH, H2SO4, salt, sugar and many more. With this we have to consider what are the environmental issues we have face due to these large industries.

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Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry has so many lessons to study. Electrolysis, electrochemical cells, Equilibrium, Thermodynamics are some lessons to learn.

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