Industrial Chemistry | Advanced level | High School

Chemical industry is a very important section in the world and it produces thousands of industrial chemicals and products which are essential to the world. It converts raw materials into different products. Few examples are petroleum refining, manufacturing sulfuric acid and cement manufacturing.

Due to use toxic or hazardous chemicals in industries, different kinds of environmental pollutions are occured. Industrial chemistry makes products related to chemicals. Selecting raw materials, using accurate conditions such as pressure, temperature and more are main properties in Industrial chemistry. The environmental pollution is a major fact in industrial chemistry we are have to face in the world and actions have to taken immediately to protect the world.

Chemical Industries in the World

Use of chemistry in industry

Chemistry finds new compounds or innovations. Think, with help of biology, chemistry finds a new medicine which can destroy HIV Aids virus. This is a big step in world because this can help to save millions of peoples.

So newly found medine now should be manufactured in large scale to HIV AIDS patients. With the help of chemistry, a new industry was begun in the world.