Natural Rubber Industry

Natural rubber (NR) is a natural polymer which is taken from rubber tree. It contains mainly water, dry rubber, proteinaceous and nitrogenous substances. carbohydrates, lipids, mineral salts, carotenoids, resins and enzymes. Compositions of those substances are figured follow.

 natural rubber composition
Fig 01: Natural rubber composition

Natural rubber polymer chain, monomer, repeating unit

Repeating unit of rubber is cis-isoprene ( 2-methyl-but-1,3-diene according to IUPAC nomenclature ).

Natural rubber polymer chain, monomer, repeating unit.jpg
Fig 02: Natural rubber polymer chain

Latex is tended to coagulate when it is being carries to factory. Hence, Sodium sulphite or ammonia or sodium carbonate (weak alkyls) can be used as anticoagulants. Ammonia is used for long preservation. Hence Sodium sulphite is used in field. There are several steps to make a rubber product. And also different methods are used for different products.

Rubber production types and defects

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Organic Conversions
Let's try organic conversions. This will remember your organic chemistry again.
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