Ethanol to butanoic acid | ethanol + butanoic acid reaction

Here, we are going to synthesis butanoic acid from ethanol and learn the reaction between ethanol and butanoic acid.


Preparing butanoic acid from ethanol

Derive butanoic acid by starting from Ethanol. You can only use ethanol as an organic compound and following reagents during the conversion.

Other reactants : Na , Concentrated H2SO4 , H+/KMnO4 , Br2 , Pd/BaSO4/Quinolene , dilute NaOH , organic peroxides , HBr , Alcoholic KOH

ethanol to butanoic acid

In this tutorial, we study about

  1. Preparation of butanoic acid from ethanol
  2. Butanoic acid + ethanol reaction
  3. Questions of ethanol and butanoic acid

Ethanol to butanoic acid

Steps of preparation of butanoic acid from ethanol is explained below.

  • Butanoic acid is a carboxylic acid compound including four carbon atoms.
  • But ethanol, an alcohol compound which only contains two carbon atoms in its structure.
  • Therefore we have to extend the carbon chain when preparing butanoic acid from ethanol.

Chemical Formula

  • Ethanol - CH3CH2OH
  • Butanoic acid - CH3CH2CH2COOH

Ethanol to ethene

Ethanol is heated with concentrated sulfuric acid to give ethene. Ethene is an alkene compound.

Ethene to 1-2-dibromoethane

Ethene reacts with liquid bromide ( Br2 / CCl4 ) and give 1-2-dibromoethane compound which is an alkyl halide.

1-2-dibromoethane to ethyne

1-2-dibromoethane is heated with alcoholic KOH to get ethyne.

Ethyne and sodium reaction

Less amount of Na is added to ethyne. Sodium salt of alkyne is formed. This can be used to extend carbon chain.

Ethene to bromoethane

Ethene reacts with HBr and give bromoethane.

Extending carbon chain

Sodium salt of alkyne and bromoethane react to give the compound with extended carbon chain. That is 1-butyne. This is also an alkyne compound with four carbon atoms.

1-butyne to 1-butene

1-butyne reacts with H2 / Lindlar's catalyst to give 1-butene

1-butene to 1-bromobutane

1-butene reacts with HBr in the presence of organic peroxides to give 1-bromobutane.

1-bromobutane to 1-butanol

1-butanol is given by 1-bromobutane with reaction of dilute NaOH.

1-butanol to butanoic acid

Butanol is oxidized to butanoic acid by acidic potassium permanganate ( H+ / KMnO4 ).

ethanol to butanoic acid organic conversion

Ethanol + butanoic acid

Ethanol is an alcohol compound. Butanoic acid is a carboxylic acid. Therefore in the presence of concentrated H2SO4, ester product is given. This reaction is a reversible one. Ester product is ethyl butanoate.

Questions about ethanol and butanoic acid asked by students

What is the reaction of ethanol and butanoic acid

Ethanol is an alcohol and butanoic acid is carboxylic acid. Ethanol, butanoic acid reacts when in the presence of sulfuric acid. It gives the ester, ethyl butanoate as the product.

Ethanol + butanoic acid reaction is possible?

Ethanol + butanoic acid reactions happens in considerable amount if only in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid. This reaction is a reversible one. Ethanol and butanoic acid reaction form a pleasant smell due to formation of ester.

Butanol to butanoic acid

Butanol is oxidized to butanoic acid by following reagants. These are very strong oxidizing agents.

  1. H+/ KMnO4
  2. H+/ K2CrO4
  3. H+/ K2Cr2O7

Is ethanol and butanoic acid is an acid - base reaction?

No. Ethanol reacts with butanoic acid in the presence of concentrated H2SO4 acid and give ester and water as products. If an acid reacts with a base, a salt and water are the products. But ester is not a salt. Therefore ethanol + butanoic acid reaction is not a acid - base reaction.