Ethanol to butanol organic conversion

Derive butanol by starting with Ethanol. You can only use ethanol as a organic compound.

Ethanol is a famous organic compound which is used to synthesis more organic compounds. There are four carbon atoms in butanol molecule. Both ethanol and butanol are alcohol compounds. When we prepare butanol from ethanol, we have to double the number of carbon atoms.

Identify butanol structure

  • Butanol has four carbon atoms.
  • Therefore, we have to do some extending reactions ( aldol condensation, grignard reaction, or through alkynes ) to prepare butanol from ethanol.

Preparing butanol from ethanol using aldol condensation

Now, we study the conversion step by step

Ethanol and PCC reaction

Ethanol and PCC react to give ethanal(aldehyde).

Ethanal aldol condensation

Ethanal and dilute NaOH or KOH react with heating to form aldol product.

Aldehyde and H2/ Ni

With H2/ Ni, alkene group(double bond) becomes into alkane group and aldehyde group becomes to a alcoholic group.

Preparing butanol from ethanol

ethanol to butanol organic conversion

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