Propene to 5-methyl-2-pentyne conversion

Synthesis following alkyne, 5-methyl-2-pentyne from propene. You can use only use following compounds.

propene to 5-methyl-2-pentyne

HBr, Br2/CCl4, Na, concentrated KOH

How to prepare 5-methyl-2-pentyne compounds?

Number of carbon atoms of propene is doubled when 5-methyl-2-pentyne is prepared. So this is extending carbon chain reaction. There is different reactions to extend carbon chain such as

  • Through grignard reaction
  • Reaction of sodium salt of alkyne and alkyl halide
  • aldol condensation

Preparing 5-methyl-2-pentyne through sodium salt of alkyl halide

propene to 5-methyl-2-pentene conversion

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