What is the Rusty Brown Colour Silver Precipitate?

According to this question, a rusty brown precipitate should be given with silver nitrate.

We know, nitrate ion does not give precipitates with metal cations. It means, all metal nitrate solutions are water soluble compounds. That means, silver ion should give the rusty brown precipiate when silver ion combines with an anion. Let's find out what is this anion.

First, we will look what are the common precipitates of silver ion with their colours?

  • Silver fluoride - yellow-brown solid
  • Silver chloride - white
  • Silver bromide - pale yellow
  • Silver iodide - yellow
  • Silver carbonate - pale yellow
  • Silver oxide - Black/ brown cubic crystals
  • Silver phosphate - Yellow
  • Silver sulfide - Grayish-black

Colour of silver fluoride precipitate is close to the rusty brown. Therefore we can think anion should be fluoride ion.

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