Chemical Engineering Tutorials

In Chemical Engineering we study unit processes, reaction engineering, Industrial process developments, waste water treatments, software applications for chemical engineering, food science and more topics.

Targets of chemical engineering are to develop industrial scale large manufacturing plants, maintaining different processes of plants, keep plant safety and more.

Mass transfer theories

Diffusion basics theories, methods. applications and examples

Air qualities and properties

Air has large number of properties such as humidity, temperature, pressure, volume and more. In chemical engineering we study relationships of those parameters to design models.

Reaction Engineerin Tutorialsg

Reactions occur everywhere. In chemical engineering, our focus about reactions go to industrial applications. In industrial scale, reactions occur in large scale or bulk scale. So, we have to control those reactions properly to increase the efficiency of our process. Reaction engineering teaches us how to control and calculate those reaction rates, inflow rates, outflow rates, accumilations which change with other reasons like temperature and pressure.

Wastewater Treatment Tutorials in Chemical Engineering

Wastewater characteristics, quality-parameters, standards Basics theories of wastewater treatment Physical unit operations in wastewater treatment