Is AgBr Soluble or Insoluble | Solubility of Silver Bromide

Silver bromide is insoluble in water and form a pale yellow precipitate in water. If it is explained in other way, you can see a pale yellow color solid is deposited at the bottom of the aqueous solution. You can verify AgBr's solubility by checking the solubility value and solubility product value.

Solubility and solubility product of AgBr

Solubility and solubility product are good points to understand solubility of a compound and they can be used to AgBr too. In most of physical chemistry examination, you are given problems of solubility product of AgBr to check AgBr is precipitated or not.

Solubility of AgBr in water

Solubility of AgBr is 0.140 mg/L at 200C. So it is a very low value and prove furthermore, AgBr is a precipitate.

Solubility product of AgBr

Ksp of AgBr is 5.4 *10-13 mol2 dm-6 which is also low and again tells us AgBr is not soluble in water.

How AgBr precipitate is formed?

When aqueous AgNO3 solution is mixed with aqueous NaBr solution, AgBr pale yellow precipitate is deposited at the bottom of the aqueous solution.

Other halides of silver ion

Silver chloride, silver bromide and silver iodide are precipitates and very useful in identification of halide ions in qualitative analysis of inorganic chemistry. Also they have colors when they form precipitates.

Colors of silver halides

Silver halide name Chemical formula Color
Silver chloride AgCl white
Silver bromide AgBr light yellow / pale yellow
Silver iodide AgI Yellow

Solubility of AgBr in ethanol

AgBr is not soluble in alcohols, but it is soluble in alkali cynamide solutions.

Is the silver bromide is the only insoluble silver halide compound?

No. Silver cation form precipitates with chloride and iodide. Therefore, silver chloride and silver iodide are white and yellow precipitates respectively.

Is silver bromide soluble in excess HCl?

Silver chloride is soluble in concentrated HCl, it gives silver(I) dichloride ( [AgCl2]- ) complex anion which is a colourless solution.


what is silver bromide least soluble in

Siver bromide is least soluble in water and alcohol. But soluble in ammonia solutions and alkali cyanide solutions.

What is the colour of Silver bromide precipitate?

Light yellow

Chemical formula of silver bromide?


As silver bromide, does silver iodide dissolve in concentrated ammonia solution?

Silver chloride and silver bromide are soluble in concentrated ammonia solution. But, silver iodide is not soluble in concentrated ammonia solution.

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