Methylmagnesium bromide | CH3MgBr

CH3MgBr (Methylmagnesium bromide) is a grignard reagent and is used to extend carbon chain of organic compounds. Preparation of CH3MgBr from CH3OH and CH3Br.

Preparation of CH3MgBr

CH3MgBr can be prepared by CH3Br (methyl bromide). Add magnesium metal in the presence of dry ether to CH3Br. Methyl bromide should dissolve in dry ether.

Dry ether is essential because dry medium is a must. Grignard is highly unstable in water and hydrolysis easily.

CH3Br (in dry ether) + Mg → CH3MgBr

CH3MgBr preparation from CH3OH

Prepare CH3MgBr by methanol

You should prepare methyl bromide from methanol. This can be done adding PBr3 to methanol.

CH3MgBr preparation from CH3OH

Physical and chemical properties of CH3MgBr

When CH3MgBr is in with dry ether, it exists as a solution.

May form explosive peroxides and reacts violently with water.

CH3MgBr reactions

CH3MgBr is used to extend carbon chain. As products, ethane, ethanol, ethanoic acid and many chemicals can be produced from CH3MgBr. In this tutorial, we will look several reactions of methylmagnesium bromide.

CH3MgBr and HCHO reaction

Ethanol is given as the product.

Methylmagnesium bromide and water reaction

methylmagnesium bromide (CH3MgBr) reacts violently with water and produce methane (an alkane).

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