Organic Chemistry Essay Questions and Answers

Organic chemistry is a main section for advanced level or high school (grade 12) chemistry stream. When you learn organic chemistry, you have to do questions to sit before the examiniation. It will help you to understand the organic chemistry very well and to correct your mistakes.

These questions were made for students who are sitting for advanced level examination, high school examination and grade 11, 12.

Following sections are covered in this questions.

Organic chemistry questions and answers

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Organic Chemistry Question 1

You are provided ethanol ,phenol and ethanoic acid solutions in three bottles. But all three bottles are not labeled. Also you have Na, NaOH, Na2CO3, NaHCO3 as reagents.

How to separate ethanol, phenol and ethanoic acid using Na, NaOH, Na2CO3, NaHCO3 solutions?


Organic Chemistry Question 2

a) A is an organic compound which molecular formula is C4H10O2. A was gone under some tests and observations were noted and listed as below.

  1. a gas was emitted when sodium was added to the A.
  2. A does not react with with NaOH.
  3. There are two optical isomerism carbon atoms on A.
Identify structure of A and write IUPAC name of it.


Derive A from butanal using only following reagents.(five or under five steps) LiAlH4 , ether , H2O ,conc. H2SO4 , HBr , alcoholic KOH , OH-/KMnO4


This compound is an Imine. Derive these Imine using aniline and ethanol as organic compounds and can use other reagents where necessary. what are imine compounds


Organic Chemistry Question 3

  1. X is an aliphatic organic compound. It's molecular formula is C6H12. X does not show geo isomerism and optical isomerism.
    1. Draw all possible three structures of X.

    2. When dilute H2SO4 is added to X, it will give Y. When ZnCl2/ conc HCl is added to Y, instantly the solution gets cloudy. Determine the X and Y.

  2. How do you separate aniline and phenylmethanamine. Give all reactions with your answer.

  3. There is an organic compound (A) in a bottle in your laboratory. You have to identify structure of that compound. Molecular formula of A is given as C8H9Br. Following reactions and observations were taken with A from different experiments.
    • A is an benzene substituted organic compound.
    • With water, A gives another compound (B) which reacts with Na, but not with NaOH.
    • Mg and dry ether were added into the A and it gives C. Then ethyl bromide and C react and D is given. D shows optical isomerism.

    Determine A, B, C,and D


Organic Chemistry Question 4

X is an aliphatic organic compound. It's molecular formula is C3H6O.

  1. X gives a secondary alcohol Y with LiAlH4, ether and water. Identify X.
  2. Synthesis following organic compound starting from X. 2-methylpentan-2,3-diol


Organic Chemistry Question 5

  1. Write the IUPAC name of following organic compound. alkane iupac naming

  2. Complete below conversion using any reagent. synthesis alcohols

  3. Derive following organic compound using benzene ,ethanol and ethanoic acid as organic compounds. Following reagents also can be used.
    Conc. HNO3 , conc. H2SO4 , Na , NaNO2 , dilute HCl , HBr phenyl ether synthesis