H+ and pH Graph | Curve

H+ concentration vs pH graph is not a linear graph because gradient at different places is different. When H+ concentration increases, pH value decreases. By observing the gradient at different location at the curve, decrement of pH value decreases with increment of H+ concentration. When pH is found, H+ concentration should be substituted to the pH equation in mol dm-3.

H+ vs pH graph

Above figure shows us how pH value varies with H+ concentration. H+ concentration varies from 0.1 mol dm-3 to very low values. At very low H+ concentration values, gradient of the curve is rapidly increased and cannot be read values due to that high gradient increment.

0.01 M to 0.001 M concentration H+ and pH value graph

0.01 M to 0.001 M concentration H+ vs pH value graph

pH value is increased from 2 to 3 when concentration is decreased from 0.01 mol dm-3 to 0.001 mol dm-3

Graph of pH and H+ concentration

In this graph, we plot the graph by taking pH value to x axis.

H+ and pH curve

At low pH values, difference of H+ ion concentration for a pH value difference is large compared to difference of H+ ion concentration in higher pH value differences.