C6H5MgBr + H2O = C6H6 + MgBr(OH)

Phenylmagnesium bromide (C6H5MgBr) reacts with water and produce benzene (C6H6) as the product. Also, we can say, C6H5MgBr hydrolysis and form benzene as a product. In this tutorial, we will learn how this reaction happens and how products are given in detail.


Grignard reagent is unstable in the water and readily hydrolysis to an alkane compound.

Phenylmagnesium bromide and water reaction

Phenylmagnesium bromide, a grignard reagent compound which reacts with water and gives benzene as the organic product. as the product. This is a one way of preparing benzene.

Due to hydrolysis, C6H5MgBr cannot be stored in aqueous solutions. So Phenylmagnesium bromide is stored in dry ether medium to protect from moisture or water.

Phenylmagnesium bromide + water → benzene

As phenyl magnesium bromide, phenyl magnesium chloride can be used to prepare benzene by adding to water.

Phenyl magnesium bromide and water reaction

What will happen if phenyl magnesium bromide is added to heavy water (D2O) ?

If heavy water is added to phenyl magnesium bromide, C6H5D will give as the product.

Phenyl magnesium bromide and heavy water reaction

How phenylmagnesium bromide is produced by benzene?

Benzene reacts with bromine in the presence of anhydrous FeBr3 to produce bromobenzene. Then, bromobenzene reacts with magnesium in dry ether medium to form phenylmagnesium bromide.

C6H5MgBr Physical Properties

  • Colorless crystals
  • Solubility in water: C6H5MgBr reacts wwith water
  • flammable, volatile

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what is the likely product if phenylmagnesium bromide reacts with water?

Benzene is the likely product if phenylmagnesium bromide reacts with water.

Here we have some questions about phenylmagnesium bromide. These questions were sent us by a student to our website.

What is correct about phenylmagnesium bromide?

  1. Phenylmagnesium bromide hydrolysis to phenol in the water.
  2. Bromobenzene in the dry ether is synthesized with magnesium to preapre phenylmagnesium bromide.
  3. By mixing phenylmagnesium bromide and methylchloride, toluene can be prepared.
  4. Phenylmagnesium bromide is highly unstable in the water.


  1. False: Phenylmagnesium bromide hydrolysis in the water. But it does not give phenol as the product. Benzene is the product.
  2. Correct
  3. Correct
  4. Correct: See explanation given in the first choice.

What will happen if acidic water is added to c6h5mgbr ?

When H+ ions exist, hydrolysis become more faster and easy.

Is phenylmagnesium chloride is similar to phenylmagnesium bromide?

Chemical properties of phenylmagnesium chloride and phenylmagnesium bromide are simila to some extent. Both compounds hydrolysis easili in the water.

What is mgbr benzene?

I think you wrote the compound in wrong way. I should be written as Phenylmagnesium bromide or C6H5MgBr. This compound is a grignard reagent and have very useful reactions in organic chemistry.

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