CH3MgBr + H2O Reaction and Mechanism

Grignard reagent is not stable in water and reacts with water. methylmagnesium bromide (CH3MgBr ) reaction with water (H2O) will produce methane (CH4) and MgBr(OH). Water is hydrolyzed in this reaction easily to form products.

ch3mgbr + h2o

Methylmagnesium bromide (CH3MgBr) and water

CH3MgBr is an Grignard reagent compound and which is hydrolyzed in the water to produce an alkane.

Grignard reagent + water → alkane

Because, methane is produced, there is a risk of combustion and toxicity. Therefore, careful with this experiment because methane is not soluble in water and has the capability of coming to the atmosphere easily..

CH3MgBr + H2O = CH4 + MgBr(OH)

This reaction happens very quickly because CH3MgBr is extremely unstable in water.

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