Zinc chloride and Sodium Carbonate Reaction | ZnCl2 + Na2CO3

Zinc chloride is a water-soluble compound and forms a colourless aqueous solution and Sodium carbonate is also a colourless aqueous solution. When zinc chloride and sodium carbonate aqueous solutions are mixed with each other, a white precipitate (zinc carbonate) can be seen.

zinc chloride and sodium carbonate reaction - zncl2 + na2co3

Reactants and products of ZnCl2 + Na2CO3 reaction

As products zinc carbonate and sodium chloride are given. Zinc carbonate is a white precipitate and sodium chloride is a colourless solution. So, you will see a white precipitate is being deposited in the bottom of the beaker in a colourful solution.

ZnCl2(aq) + Na2CO3(aq) → ZnCO3(s) + NaCl(aq)

Balanced equation can be written as below.

ZnCl2(aq) + Na2CO3(aq) → ZnCO3(s) + 2NaCl(aq)

Balanced equation of zinc chloride and sodium carbonate reaction

According to the balanced chemical equation, one mole of zinc chloride reacts with one mole of sodium carbonate and produces one mole of zinc carbonate and two moles of sodium chloride.

What are the other metal captions which can give carbonate precipitates like zinc +2 ion?

Most of the metal captions carbonates are precipitates except sodium and potassium.

Will it give the zinc carbonate precipitate if 0.1 mol dm-3 Na2CO3(aq) 50cm3 and 0.1 mol dm-3 Na2CO3(aq) 50cm3 are mixed together?

To decide the precipitation, you should need to calculate the concentrations of zinc and carbonate ions immediately after the mixing considering no precipitation happened.


Is there a gas release when zinc chloride reacts with sodium carbonate?

No, Only an aqueous solution with a white precipitate is given as products.

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