Ethanol and ethanoic acid reaction | conversion

Ethanol and ethanoic acid (acetic acid) belongs to alcohol and carboxylic acid compounds respectively. Ethanol can be converted to ethanoic acid from one step and also ethanol can be prepared from ethanoic acid by one step. Both Ethanol and ethanoic acid are acidic compounds. Ethanol and ethanoic acid react to give ethyl ethanoate.

Ethanol : CH3CH2OH

Ethanoic acid : CH3COOH

In this tutorial, we study about

  1. Ethanol and ethanoic acid reaction
  2. Ethanol to ethanoic acid and reagents
  3. Ethanoic acid to ethanol reaction
  4. Chemical properties of ethanol and ethanoic acid
  5. Physical properties of ethanol and ethanoic acid

Ethanol and ethanoic acid reaction

Alcohols and carboxylic acids react and give esters. This reaction is catalyzed by concentrated sulfuric acid. Ethanol reacts with acetic acid to give ethyl ethanoate which is an ester compound. Concentrated sulfuric acid hydrolysis the formed ethyl ethanoate, to ethanoic acid and ethanol.

Ethanol and ethanoic (acetic) acid reaction

Ethanol to ethanoic acid reaction

Ethanol reacts with strong oxidizing agents such as H+ / KMnO4 , H+ / K2CrO4 , H+ / K2Cr2O7 to give ethanoic acid.

ethanol to ethanoic acid reaction

Ethanoic acid to ethanol reaction

Ethanoic acid reacts with LiAlH4 / ether to give ethanol.

ethanoic acid to ethanol reaction

Ethanol and ethanoic acid chemical properties

Ethanol is an alcohol compound. Ethanoic acid is carboxylic acid. Therefore both compounds have different chemical properties.

  • Ethanoic acid reacts with Na, NaOH, Na2CO3, NaHCO3. But ethanol reacts with only Na. This can be used to identify ethanol and ethanoic acid.
  • Ethanol is less acidic than ethanoic acid.

Ethanol and ethanoic acid physical properties

  • Ethanol and ethanoic acid dissolve in water very well because they can make hydrogen bonds with water molecules.
  • Boiling point of ethanoic acid is higher than ethanol.
  • Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a slight characteristic odor and carboxylic acid is a colourless liquid and has a strong odor very much like vinegar.


how to check that ethanoic acid and ethanol reaction has reached equilibrium?

After mixing reactants, give some time to reaction to occur. Then check the concentration of each constituent several times. When concentration value is unchanged, system has reached equilibrium.

what is the common name of the acid formed in the following reaction? ethanol

When ethanol is converted to acetic acid (ethanoic acid), carbinol carbon atom (carbon atom which is joint with -OH group) of ethanol is oxidized. Therefore, this reaction is a oxidizing reducing reaction. (redox reaction)

isopropanol reacts with ethanoic acid

Isopropyl acetate is an ester compound, an organic compound. Isopropyl acetate is a product of esterification of acetic acid and isopropanol. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic fruity odor.

What is correct about esterification reaction of acetic acid and ethanol?

  1. Concentrated sulfuric acid is required to do the reaction
  2. Reaction is not a reversible one and give products in large amount.
  3. Reaction is an acid base reaction
  4. Reaction mixture should be heated foor esterification.

  1. Correct.
  2. False. Reaction is a reversible and esterification is not success much because mixture comes to the equilibrium after sometime.
  3. False
  4. Correct

reaction of ethanoic acid and ethanol in closed system

After sometime ethanoic acid and ethanol are mixed in a closed system, this mixture come to the equilibrium. In that mixture, ethanoic acid, ethanol, ethyl ethanoate and water exist as chemical compounds. This system is a liquid phase equilibrium.

true or false? ethanol can be oxidized to ethanoic acid acid by microbial action

2 types of reaction involving the conversion of ethanol to ethanoic acid

  1. Oxidation of ethanol to ethanoic acid directly from strong oxidizing agent.
  2. Oxidation of ethanol to ethanal by a mild oxidizing agent and then ethanol is oxidized to ethanoic acid.

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