Acetylene | Ethyne to Ethanol and Ethylene

Acetylene gas is an alkyne compound and ethanol is an alcohol compound. Acetylene lewis structure has two car atoms in that molecule and contains a triple bond between carbon atoms. Ethanol also has two cabon atoms and -OH group in it's molecule.

acetylene to ethanol molecules

Acetylene / ethyne / C2H2

Ethanaol / ethyl alcohol / CH3CH2OH

In this question we are going to prepare ethanol from two methods.

Method 1

Ethyne to ethanol through ethene

Acetylene to ethene

First, acetylene is converted into ethene ( CH2 = CH2 ) using hydrogen gas and Lindlar catalyst. Ethene is an an alkene compound.

Lindlar catalyst

Alkynes are converted to alkenes by in the presence of hydrogen gas and lindlar catalyst.

lindlar reagent contains CaCO3, Pd and various forms of sulfur and lead

Ethene to ethanol

Then ethanol is prepared from the reaction of ethene with dilute sulfuric acid.

acetylene to ethanol conversion

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Method 2

Ethyne to ethanol through ethanal

Ethyne to ethanal

Acetylene reacts with HgSO4 and dilute H2SO4. It gives ethanal ( CH3CHO ). Ethanal is a aldehyde compound.

Ethanal to ethanol

Ethanl is reduced to ethanol by LiAlH4, ether. CH3CHO reacts with LiAlH4, ether, H2O to give ethanol.

NaBH4, Na / C2H5OH, H2 / Ni also can be used to reduce ethanl to ethanol.

acetylene to ethanol conversion through ethanal

Ethanal reduction reactions Learn CaC2 and acetylene industrial manufacturing process

How to obtain acetylene?

We can obtain acetylene gas from calcium carbide(CaC2). CaC2 react with water and give C2H2.

acetyle water reaction

Identify acetylene and ethanol

Acetylene is an alkyne compound and ethanol is an alcohol. Both acetylene and ethanol show acidic characteristics with Na and emits H2. But none of them react with NaOH. Acetylene gives a red precipitate with ammoniacal copper chloride and white precipitate with ammoniacal silver nitrate. But alcohol does not give such precipitates with those solutions.

Questions Asked by Students

Convert acetylene to ethylene

It's easy. Only you have to do is treating hydrogen gas with Pt catalyst with Lindlar catalyst. This will give ethylene. Tripple bond is converted to double bond by addition of two of hydrogen atoms.

How ethanol is converted into acetylene?

  • Ethanol is first converted to ethene by heating with concentrated H2SO4 acid.
  • Then ethene is treated with bromine liquid and CCl4 to give dibromoethane.
  • Then dibromoethane is heated with alcoholic KOH to produce acetylene.

Can ethanol be produced from ethyne

You should know that, ethyne is an another name for acetylene. In this tutorial, we learnt about, how ethyne is used to produce ethanol.

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