Organic chemistry conversions questions,examples,problems

Converting one organic compound to another organic compound by using one or more other organic compounds or reagents by a single or multiple steps is called an organic conversion.

Organic chemistry conversions of class 12 are major problems you have to do in examinations.

organic conversion questions

Organic conversions questions have important role in organic chemistry questions. If you practise these organic conversions properly, you can get full marks for these questions in your organic conversion class 12 examinations.

What will you learn and what you need to do a organic conversion?

You can check your knowledge about organic compounds and their reactions from organic conversions exercises. Also organic conversions will help you to get remembered those organic compounds and their reactions again again again.

In this tutorial, we discuss about

  1. organic conversion problems list. if you are familiar with organic chemistry conversion exercises, you can directly go to those questions to do them alone and check their answers.
  2. Full introduction to organic chemistry conversion if you are new to these kind of problems. Introduction to organic conversion is explained after the questions list in this page. Methods of doing organic conversion is discussed.

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Organic conversions problems

Here, we have listed a lot of exercises for you. Try to do them yourself. Then check answers and learn reactions of different organic compounds.

Organic chemistry Essay Questions

Organic chemistry conversions problems of class 12

Introduction to organic conversions

Organic conversions are easy if you are well aware about organic compounds and their reactions. To do a organic conversion, we have to choose what type of compounds are required in each step. Most of times we start to think from backward ( product ) to front ( initial reactant ).

As an example, we need to prepare butanal from ethanol. We start to think from butanal. First we think, what are the ways of butanal can be prepared and we select one of it. Then we rethink, what are the ways of that compound can be prepared. We repeat this process until we come to ethanol. This method should be practised very much.

How to do a organic conversion properly?

Follow below guidelines to do these problems successfully.

  1. You have to practice many questions
  2. Identify which kind of organic compound you are given
  3. Should have a good knowledge and memory about organic compounds and reactions.
  4. Think backward

How and what to think backward in doing organic conversion>

Lets take an example. You have to prepare an ester from ethanol. You should start to think about followings.

  1. Methods of preparing ether compound ( ether preparing reactions )
  2. What are the required compounds needs to prepare ether ( choosing correct compound(s) )
  3. Physical conditions ( Temperature, pressure and more)

Organic chemistry conversions examples

Organic chemistry conversion example 1

Convert propanol to 2-bromopropane

In this example, our target is preparing 2-bromopropane from propanone. First thing we have to do is, identifying the our starting compound (propanol) and final product (2-bromopropane).

propanol to 2-bromopropane
  • We can see, both propanol and 2-bromopropane contain three carbon atoms.
  • propanol is an alcohol and 2-bromopropane is an alkyl halide compound.
  • For preparing 2-bromopropane, we have to go several steps. Adding one more reagents to propanol and take a different product. Then that product and another reagent react to give another product.

Steps of converting propanol to 2-bromopropane are given below.

Preparing 2-bromopropane from propanol only takes two steps.

Steps of converting propanol to 2-bromopropane

Then, we have to choose correct reagents for each step.

  1. Heating concentrated H2SO4 with propanol give propene
  2. Propene reacts with HBr to give our product 2-bromopropane.

Organic chemistry conversion examples

Organic conversion example 2

Prepare phenyl phenylmethanoate by following amide.

First, we should identify what is the our product. Phenyl phenylmethanoate is an ester compound.

phenyl phenylmethanoate

phenyl phenylmethanoate

How an ester compound is prepared?

  1. Reaction of carboxylic acid halide and alcohols
  2. Reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohols in the presence of concentrated H2SO4 acid.

Method 1, reaction of carboxylic acid halide and alcohols is the best way to prepare esters.

Therefore we have to synthesis an alcohol and a carboxylic acid chloride from given amide.

Amide hydrolyzes

Hydrolysis of amide can be done by two ways.

  1. By concentrated H2SO4
  2. By concentrated NaOH

In this example we choose conc. NaOH to hydrolysis of amide.

phenyl phenylmethanoate preparing

Questions asked by students

Organic conversion questions are difficult to do for me. Can you give me several steps to do those questions easily?

Theree are some tips I can give for you do an organic conversion questions easily.

  1. Remember all reactions you learnt
  2. Think backword. Try to think from your final product (target compound). How final product is produced. If there are many methods, what is the best one?

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